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As a non-profit association, we are aiming to provide software, information and data collection based services to prevent the spread of diseases and pandemics, such as the most recent COVID-19 virus.


Common causes of infection

Direct Contact

Touching a person directly, for example when shaking hands.

Even something minor like a hand shake can already lead to infection, especially when people don't follow adequate sneezing or coughing behavior.

Sneezing & Coughing

Getting sneezed or coughed on by an contaminated person can rapidly lead to infection.

The virus travels through respiratory droplets, making sneezing and coughing some of the most common causes of infection.

Animal Contact

Some animals are transmitters of the virus, that includes pets.

Not only wild animals, but also pets who can leave their homes freely can carry the virus over to their owners by being infected outside.

Stay alert

What are the symptoms

Coughing & Sneezing


Strong Headache

Sore Throat

Latest Virus Reports

Corona Virus Live Reports


THINGS YOU SHOULD DO Take steps to protect yourself

Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds

Cover your mouth & nose

Do not sneeze into your hands

Avoid direct contact - stay at home


Take care of the people around you

Keeping yourself safe, will also keep others safe

Don't meet older family members and friends

Offer grocery shopping to people at risk

Spread awareness through social media

We Can Help You Out

Try Our COVID-19 Questionnaire

Fill out the answers of our Corona questionnaire for more insight regarding potential infection

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